Vegetation management

is more than just weed control

About Us

C & D Vegetation Control is an Alberta based company specializing in industrial and commercial vegetation services. At C & D Vegetation Control our mission is to lead the industry, emphasizing and prioritizing our clients needs and tailoring them individually. We strive to focus on environmental management using the most appropriate and economical control methods with a proactive cost-effective approach.



We say what we mean, keep our promises and treat others with respect.


Take the time to ensure your work is done well and completed on the due date.


Reducing our environmental impact is just one part of securing a sustainable future for everyone.


We are committed to delivering the specific services our customers need at a fair price.


We will not compromise the health and safety of our staff or clients.


We maintain rigorous standards for all of our work, no matter how big or small the project.



Teamwork & Experience


Services & Programs


We are constantly aiming to grow both as individuals and as a company. We believe that the journey of education is a lifelong pursuit which will further push us forward as a team. We are always upgrading our knowledge through various courses, seminars, and constantly keeping up to date with new material regarding the best practice around the services that we offer.

Longevity & Growth


  • Noxious / Prohibited Noxious Weed Control
  • Pesky weeds take away nutrients, choking important vegetation. In a noxious weed control application, we use selective herbicides to destroy noxious vegetation. This method of control allows for other vegetation to remain healthy and presentable.
  • Brush Control
  • Brush, trees and shrubs growing too close to powerlines, equipment and pipelines alongside ditches and access points can cause many safety issues and worsen with time and neglect. Bringing in large pieces of equipment is costly and adds up quickly when there are multiple areas to clear. We offer herbicide application at a fraction of the price that offers the same great results. Don’t beat around the brush, spray it!


C & D Vegetation Control offers a wide range of weed control services for the oilfield/utility sectors in addition to municipal and agricultural districts.

Spraying vegetation is an effective, economical and an optimal way to manage weeds and brush.


From practicality to environmental conservation, we can carefully select the proper method for each scenario based on our customer’s needs while using our extensive knowledge to give recommendations that will yield the best results.